Q: What is the Highway 401 Expansion Project?
Q: Who are West Corridor Constructors (WCC) ?
Q: How much will this cost?
Q: What are the benefits of the Highway 401 Expansion Project?
Q: Will High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) Lanes Be Built?
Q: Why does the lane configuration go from 12 lanes to 10 lanes and not 12 lanes through the entire project?
Q: Where can I get more information about the Highway 401 Expansion Project and provide comments to the Project Team?
Q: When will construction begin?
Q: When will construction be completed?
Q: How will construction impact me?
Q: Will my commute be impacted ?
Q: Does this project include sound barriers or noise mitigation structures?
Q: Was an Environmental Assessment conducted for the Highway 401 Expansion Project?
Q: Does this Project have an Environmental Management System?
Q: Will there be a Public Information Centre?
Q: What is a Design and Construction Report?
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